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Standard Web Hosting Service


The Division of Information Technology offers fee-based services for all university departments to house web content. We also offer hosting for Web sites for use internally for the university and externally for public consumption.    Below is a list of services that are offered and the associated fee for those services



Benefits to Departments include:


Eliminates the need for departments to maintain expensive server infrastructures

Provides resources and capabilities that some departments may not be able to individually afford.

Eliminates the need for server-related training for departmental IT staff, allowing units to focus professional development resources in other areas.

Maintains campus data in a secure and monitored facility.

Responds to Campus sustainability efforts by decreasing the redundancy of equipment on campus and more efficiently using resources.  

Technological Benefits of the File Server System:

  • Decreases the number of potential points of failure.
  • Implements industry best practices.
  • Files stored on the server are backed up daily.
  • Remote access to content
  • Environment monitored 24x7/365

Service Description:


The purpose of Basic Web Hosting is to provide the university with an alternative to outsourcing web sites. For the basic price of $450.00 a year you will receive, a domain (XXX will be the name you choose.)  Web hosting will provide 1 gigabyte of disk storage and provide the functionality to run PHP applications.  Access to your file space will be through WebDAV.     All files are backed up and available for to be restored for up to two weeks.   All logs are automated for log analysis and usage reports on a nightly basis.   All systems are monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week.     Below is a chart listing what tasks can be performed by departmental administrators and what tasks must be performed by Division of IT administrators.





Service Pricing:


Additional services:

Users can request additional services at a cost. Database access is available to both an Oracle and a MS SQL database environment.   Additional disk space can be purchased if needed as well as commercial certificates for SSL enabling your web site for secure transactions.

Service Name


Basic Service non-replicated (1gb space)


Oracle or My SQL usage fee non-replicated(setup + 20mb space)


Database disk space non-replicated(x/20mb)


Disk space non-replicated 1gb


Streaming media space 1gb



In addition, Web Hosting offers free commercial SSL certificates, please contact David Barks for information.


One Time Charges


Point and Park Service


File restore older than 24 hours non-replicated per-day


Database restore per-day/per-instance



Charges for the file sharing service consist of storage, backup, and an annual administrative\service fee.


File Storage and Backup:


The departments will be charged monthly for storage and backup costs contact the Division of IT Enterprise Storage and Backup team.

Other services are also available and are billed at our standard hourly rate of $60. If you are interested in learning more about additional service offering, if you would like to schedule an appointment, or if you have any questions about our rate structure, please send email to

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at


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