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Web DAV Access

New Account Orientation

  • For a quick orientation to your new site, the directory structure, and the stock cgi scripts provided with basic service visit the orientation page.

Website Statistics

  • All webhosting websites have a statistics log providing information on the number of visitors to your site, where they visited and other information.
  • Viewing Options are as follows:
    - current 6 weeks
    - Monthly organized by year. Most current year first.
  • You can view your statistics at http://www.[Your Domain].umd.edu/stats Note: Replace .org or .net for the .umd.edu where appropriate

CGI for Form Handling

  • All hosted sites have access to a Form-to-Mail script called BFormMail. Configuration information can be found here.

Restore Files
Contact webhostingadmin@umd.edu

Cold Fusion Resources

Using FrontPage to create webpages

• Frontpage extensions are not enabled on our server, so please make sure your code does not depend on them to work.


Links Imagemap services application FAQ
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