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Your new account has two methods of entry, one that is for the general public and one that is for administrators and content providers. Please read through this document before visiting other FAQ pages.

To access your site as the general public will, point your browser to http://www.[your_domain_name ].umd.edu. If your site is not part of the ".umd.edu" domain, replace that with ".org", or ".net" as applicable.

To access your site for editing point your WebDAV enabled tool to https://dav.webhosting.umd.edu/[your_domain_name]. For information regarding WebDAV and supported tools visit http://www.webhosting.umd.edu/faq/DAVUserFAQ.html.

When you attempt to access the edit site you will be prompted to authenticate. Enter your Directory ID and password. After successfully authenticating, you will be at the directory above your document root. This is the administrative level and allows you access to directories that content providers do not require access to. Who should have access to this root level is a topic of discussion on the WebDAV Administrator FAQ page found at http://www.webhosting.umd.edu/faq/DAVAdminFAQ.html. Please visit this page for information covering how to administer your site.

Your site's directory structure is as follows:

/[your domain] - This is the administrative level (the "root" of the site) and has the following sub-directories.
  • htdocs - This is the document root for your site. All files that you view on the web are in this directory or one of its subdirectories. This directory can contain any number or level of sub-directories and your can provide access to any or all of those sub-directories to any or all of your content providers.
  • cgi-bin - This is the directory wherein all of your scripts reside. There are stock scripts in the directory at account activation. They are BformMail.pl, a form to mail or file script; and a printenv script that allows you to view your online environment. There is also README files for the mail script.
  • logs - This is where the current month's logs are kept. You have no editing permissions in this directory. This directory is not included in calculating your disk usage.
  • stats - This is where your local configuration file for the stats package is kept. You can edit the analog.cfg file to customize the statistics generated for your site. Please consult the analog page for information regarding all the possibilities. A link to that page can be found at the bottom of any of your stats pages.

How to allow or disallow access to content providers is topic on the WebDAV Administrator FAQ page. If you are already familiar with Webhosting's implementation of WebDAV, you can access the administrative tool by visiting http://www.[your_domain_name].umd.edu/cgi-bin/davadmin.pl. You will be redirected to a secure server, and prompted to enter a userid and password. Again, use your Directory ID and password. Once you have successfully authenticated you will be taken to the main page of the administrative interface. How to use the administrative tool is covered in the FAQ, and the interface itself provides several help screens.

Please direct all content providers to http://www.webhosting.umd.edu/faq/DAVUserFAQ.html for information regarding WebDAV, supported tools, installing and configuring supported tools, and general questions regarding DAV and Webhosting's implementation.


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