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For more information, highlighted items will take you to our FAQs.

Please enter the domain name that you would like to request. Domain names ending with .umd.edu are included in the yearly package cost. Domain names ending in .org or .net must be registered with a domain name registration company You must register the name and pay the fee directly to the provider.
Domain Name:
Domain names are subject to availability
Site Administrator Contact Information:
All access is predicated on Directory Credentials. If you are a Corporate Time user, the information you use to login to your calendar is your Directory information. If you are not a Corporate Time user and don't know what your Directory ID is, click on the highlighted Discover your Directory ID.
Your Name:
Your Phone Number:
Your Email Address:
Directory Id:
Department Name:
Do you want Coldfusion/Oracle ? This is an additional service, not included in the basic services fee. The cost is $100 annually with a one time $50 set up fee.
Please select "Yes" if you want ColdFusion & Oracle services included at startup.
(This can be added at a later date).
Will you require a secure server? If Yes, you will be contacted by the Webhosting administartor to determine what type of certificate best meets your needs.
Secure Server:
Please enter the FRS number that will be charged yearly for the webhosting service. This FRS number will be charged each year in July for the upcoming fiscal year.
FRS Number:


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